Two weeks til Indian Canyon gathering & the funds are still needed. We had a great meeting in Oakland this evening 7/30/15. Let’s get the word out and Start this fund!

Participation numbers have doubled and we need to get this gofundme $tarted .

Please consider making a donation to support our upcoming gathering:


Peace and Dignity Journeys West Coast Gathering

You are invited to the West Coast Peace and Dignity Journeys Gathering. The purpose of this gathering is to bring together, organizers, runners, and the community in order to continue the work of the Journeys. We will gather in ceremony and organization in order to plan for the 2016 Peace and Dignity Journeys. This crucial gathering will have significant impact on next Journeys. Participates will address a multitude of issues on both a regional and international level. We will work logistical issues, leadership, and spiritual protocols.

Logistical Issues

We will work on developing routes, fundraising strategies, and regional organizing


We will work on improving and expanding our leadership, strategize how to improve communication, and work on the development of a Peace and Dignity Journeys Elders Council.

Spiritual Protocols

We will revisit Roles and or runners, coordinators, organizers, Intertribal protocols, and various issues in regards to the Peace and Dignity Journeys staffs.

Traveling to Indian Canyon

The San Jose International Airport is the closest airport to Indian Canyon. Other airports in the vicinity are the Oakland International Airport and the San Francisco International Airport. If you need to be picked up from airport, please contact an organizer ASAP.



The majority of the participants will be camping on site. Because of this it is crucial that those traveling to Indian Canyon have the necessary equipment for the trip. The following items are needed:

  •                Bring camping gear-tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats
  •                Bring plenty of water, at least 2 gallons per person. Keep in mind that there are no      showers onsite
  •                Reusable plates, utensils, cups, coffee mugs
  •               Bring toiletries, including toilet paper, bug repellat, and other personal items

Elders Housing

There will be limited housing that will be offered to elders. Please contact event organizers for details.


Scheduled Meals

Friday August 14th-Dinner

Saturday August 15th –Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Sunday August 16th-Breakfast & Lunch



We are asking participants to make a donation that will be utilized to cover the costs of this event. Costs are for kitchen supplies, food, water, fuel, propane, port o potties etc. If you can spare $20 we would greatly appreciate it.

Working Agenda for Meeting

1. Overview: Where we are now

  •       Organizing from 2012-Present
  •       Work on Intercontinental level

2. Prophecy, history and theme—Seeds/Semillas

  •      Messaging about Seeds
  •      Connecting with traditional farmers

3. Regional Reports

  •      Each Region will provide a report on what work has been done
  •      Discussion about how to improve work within regions

4. Routes

  •     Discussion on routes for 2016
  •     Proposed routes

5. Fundraising

  •    Projected amount of funds needed for 2016
  •      Regional Fund Raising
  •    Vehicles
  •    Fiscal Sponsor

6. Leadership, Roles and Responsibilities and Accountability

  •      Developing new leadership
  •      How to maintain mutual accountability
  •      Coordinator/Organizer what’s the difference?

7. Break Out Groups- Regional Routes

  •       Each Region will have an opportunity to work on routes and other issues
  •     Report back to larger group on findings

8. Elders Council

  •     Discussion

9. Preparation Ceremony for Runners

  •    Discussion

10. Kuna Yala—December Delegation

11. Staffs

  •    Decision making about the staffs
  •    Accepting staffs while on the run
  •    Documentation of where the staffs are from

12. Core Runners

  •   Identifying Core Runners, their roles and responsibilities prior to the run
  •    Community support of runner

13. Other topics

Schedule for Gathering

August 14th Noon-4pm

  •      Set up site, Set up kitchen, canopies, assure port o potties are secured
  •     Set up meeting site
  •     Pick up participants from airports
  •     Prepare Dinner
  •     6pm Gathering begins
  •     Possible Sweat lodge
  •     Set up the staffs around fire/altar

August 15 8:00 Breakfast

  •     Gathering Begins
  •     12:00 Lunch
  •     2pm Gathering Resumes
  •     6pm Dinner
  •     Gathering continues
  •    Possible sundown sweat

August 16th

  •      8am Breakfast
  •    Gathering Continues
  •    12pm lunch
  •    2pm Gathering Adjourns

About Indian Canyon

Indian Canyon is nestled in the Gavilan mountain range, 15miles south of Hollister, CA.  During the 17 and 1800’s Indian Canyon served as a safe haven for the local indigenous peoples who were being abducted/recruited/bribed/transported to the Missions with the Spaniards.  The local Ohlone peoples knew the terrain and were able to traverse the territory into the secluded valley of Indian Canyon.  Since then Indian Canyon has remained a safe haven, currently Ann-Marie Sayers and her daughter have opened up the Canyon for all Indigenous Peoples in need of land for ceremony.

Indian Canyon is the only federally recognized “Indian Country” between Sonoma and Santa Barbara, and has been sacred land and home for Ohlone/Costanoan people for thousands of years.


Peace and Dignity Journeys Gathering

Hello, folks we are having a Peace and Dignity Journeys gathering at Indian Canyon August 14-16th. The location is near Hollister CA. We are planning on working on the following:

*Routes from Alaska through Alaska through Alaska through Mexico
* Developing Regional plans
*Selecting Leadership
* Identifying 2016 runners
* Other agenda Items will be added.

Items to bring to be posted soon.